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We are Italians, we deeply love Italy and its history, its culture, its art, its traditions, its landscape beauties that have always amazed travelers, writers, artists and painters.

We are passionate about true and authentic Italy and everything that makes it unique and famous all over the world.

We believe that the fact of being Italian and knowing and loving Italy allows us to transmit our knowledge and the passion that animates us in living in a Country that, despite a thousand defects and contradictions, remains, in our view, the most beautiful in the world.

We propose ourselves as a reference point for all travelers who love Italy and the "Italian style" and who wish to experience and discover the true essence of our Country. 

We turn to attentive tourists and lovers of the "Italian Dolce Vita", we turn to curious tourists, who want to visit Italy, enjoying not only its best known beauties and history, but also the thousand unknown paths or the 1000 churches and villages, scattered throughout our beautiful countryside, unknown even to the Italians themselves. With our offer, we turn to tourists who actually want to discover the most real character of Italian people, forged by their traditions, by the different nature in each Region, as well as by the countless food and wine delights. In summary, we turn to those who want to experience a unique and unforgettable travel experience in our enchanting Italy.  

Our history

In addition to loving Italy, we are also passionate about technology and our travel agency "4tourist.net", born in the distant 2003, immediately decided to use the internet and technology to introduce tourists from all over the world to authentic Italy and not the stereotypical one of mass tourism.

We took our first steps on the web as an "incoming travel agency" supporting the website Agriturismo.net, the portal always aimed to the "Holiday in a Farmhouse in Tuscany", an original form of tourism in the countryside that was little known at the time, especially outside of Italy.

The idea was born of 4 boys on holiday at the famous and uncontaminated Parco dell'Uccellina, in the province of Grosseto, a wonderful Park of Mediterranean Bush that flows onto barren beaches, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The idea started with the aim of spreading knowledge around the world of the most unknown and hidden tourist places in the Tuscan countryside, living in close personal contact with those who cultivated that nature and above all perceiving what "rural life" meant, with experiences related to the olive harvest, the grape harvest, the traditional Tuscan cuisine etc. etc.

Since then, step by step, Agriturismo.net has grown by expanding its initial offer of Tuscany Accommodation made up of Farmhouses in Tuscany, to the most complete one of Bed&Breakfast, Villas and Holiday Houses throughout Italy, formulating an offer that is increasingly oriented towards "green and cultural tourism".

The operating philosophy of our travel agency,4tourist.net, has always strongly believed in technology, becoming, as well as a travel agency, even a real web agency: the constant research to improve the usability of the website, in order to make it easier to navigate and more immediate in finding the information to choose the best solution.

This operativity has led us in these last 20 years to reach millions of visitors, who have decided to trust us by researching and booking on Agriturismo.net their holiday in a Farmhouse in Italy.

The last 20 years went by in a flash, we worked hard, sometimes we had sleepless nights, we rejoiced, sometimes we got angry but on top of everything we all enjoyed it!

Having fun while working is the best way to offer a service that lives up to expectations, our customers deserve all this and we are happy to be able to continue to guarantee it.

Yes, we enjoyed making tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world discover the truest Italy, and we want to continue to do so.

What do we ask you? That you continue to book with Agriturismo.net and recommend www.agriturismo.net to all people who, like you and us, love Italy!

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